Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui 
Two-Year His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun 
Feng Shui Certification Program®

Yun Lin Temple is pleased to announce the launch of the Two-Year His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Feng Shui Certification Program® in 2012. This Certification Program is named after the founder of the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui, His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, and to commemorate his contribution and dedication for introducing the knowledge of Feng Shui and making it widely known to the West.
This Certification Program is designed to transmit the most authentic Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui theories and to offer the training to those who are interested in becoming the most knowledgeable and qualified Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui 
professionals, teachers, consultants, and practitioners.  The teachings are purely based on His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun’s Feng Shui theories, also known as the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui.
This two-year Certification Program provides students with step-by-step instructions, to build a solid framework of Black Sect Esoteric 
Buddhism Feng Shui knowledge. From foundation to practice, the Program is structured to explicate the comprehensive teachings of the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist School of Feng Shui.
The integrated curriculum is well structured. It includes Feng Shui theories, principles, techniques, elements, methods, solutions, adjustments, cures, visualizations, protections and blessings. In addition, all other Feng Shui related teachings such as the Theory of Ch’i, holistic healing, I-Ching applications, divinations, Yin-Yang philosophy, Five Elements, spirituality, meditation and spiritual cultivation, personal transformation, Buddhist teachings and philosophies, as well as Chinese folklore.

After successful completion of the Two-Year Certification Program, students will receive a certificate awarded by the Yun Lin Temple for the completion of His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun Feng Shui Certification Program®. The certificate represents the acknowledgement that the student has attained high qualifications of Feng Shui knowledge and training.  The graduate will become a member of the Black Sect 
Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui Alumni Association and enjoy various activities and benefits.
There are six sessions in the two-year program, a one-week session and two three-day sessions for each year. Class schedules will be announced one year ahead.

The Two-Year Certification Program offers two identical classes each year in two different cities for the convenience of the students, so that they may choose their nearest location. One class is held at the Yun Lin Temple Cultural Center in Berkeley, California; the other is held at Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York.
Accommodations will be provided for out-of-town students. The Yun Lin Temple Cultural Center and Lin Yun Monastery are two of three Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist centers in the United Sates.  The shrines of both Temples emanate spiritual energy and provide a congenial ambiance for learning, meditation, and lodging.

We offer different payment plan options. Should you be interested in joining the program, please fill out and submit the registration form by fax to the Yun Lin Temple office at (510) 548-2621 or call at (510) 841-2347 for details and registration. Please call the Yun Lin Temple office at (510) 841-2347 for details and registration.

Yun Lin Temple reserves the right to final decisions on admission.
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