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Retreat Programs

Nine-Day Silent Retreat
The Nine-Day Silent Retreat is suitable for:
  • Those who have attended the Nine-Day Silent Retreat in the past.
  • Those who have meditation experience and are on the path of spiritual practice.
  • Those who are pursuing to cleanse the negative energy and restore the balance and peace to mind.
  • Those who are pursuing a higher spiritual attainment and transformation of life.
  • Those who have attended other retreats or spiritual growth programs.

Three-Day Silent Retreat

The Three-Day Silent Retreat is suitable for:
  • Those who are not able to spend longer time for the Nine-Day Silent Retreat.
  • Those who are pursuing personal and spiritual growth.
  • Those who have discipline in meditation.
  • Those who have same goals as described in the Nine-Day Silent Retreat
Mini Retreat for Families - Parents and Children
This two days weekend retreat program is designed for the family, kids and their parents, youngsters and all beginners who would like to spend the weekend to acquire some quiet time in a quiet and spiritual place.  Silence is not observed.  
This retreat will involve interactive questions and answers between the spiritual teacher and participants to  ensure that all participants understand all the teachings, and are able to practice meditation methods.

Uniqueness of Yun Lin Temple Retreats
All of the above retreat programs are customized to each time. The core teachings will remain the same. However, new teachings, new methods and new techniques will be taught in each retreat according to the needs of different individuals and groups and the intuition of the spiritual teacher.
Locations and Accommodations
The Retreat Program will be held in Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist temples in two different cities for the convenience of participants, so they can choose their nearest location. One is held at the Yun Lin Temple Cultural Center in Berkeley, California; the other is held at Lin Yun Monastery in Long Island, New York.  Both temples provide accommodations for the participants.
Tuition and Registration
Please call the Yun Lin Temple office (510) 841-2347 for details.
We reserve the rights of final decision on admissions.