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Feng Shui Consultation and Feng Shui Blessings

By H. H. Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche

As the source and the authority of the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui approach, Crystal Chu provides expansive Feng Shui consultations to all scales and scopes of structures, including urban planning, public facilities, community development, land development, big commercial constructions, multi-national corporations, manufacturing companies, factories, warehouses, department stores, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, all different kinds of businesses, and residences. 

Khadro Crystal Chu’s Feng Shui consultation is thorough, in-depth, and broad. The consultation service can be performed by discussion of the conceptual ideas of architectural design, analysis of the site plan and floor plan, Feng Shui blessings for the ground breaking, Feng Shui blessings for laying the foundation, visiting the construction site, Feng Shui blessings for the grand opening, Feng Shui blessings for move-in, visiting the existing buildings, businesses, and homes. 

Khadro Crystal Chu closely studied, worked, and travelled worldwide with her spiritual teacher and Feng Shui mentor, the late His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, from 1980 through 2010.  She participated in hundreds of Feng Shui consultations with H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun, and has been consulting on her own since H.H. Grandmaster Lin Yun’s passing in 2010.  

H. H. Grandmaster Lin Yun was the one who brought the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism to the West, and made Feng Shui known and popularized in the West. The majority of Feng Shui practitioners are practicing his Feng Shui principles in the United States.  Khadro Crystal Chu was designated by him as his successor to be the lineage holder and spiritual leader of the Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism at Fifth Stage, and to continue Feng Shui teachings along with all other Black Sect Esoteric Buddhist teachings. 

The international clients they have consulted for are included in the following wide spectrums:

• Fortune 500 companies

• Multi-national companies

• Dow Jones 30 Component companies

• Wall Street companies

• City of London companies

• Hi-tech companies

• Manufacturing companies and factories

• Developers and builders

• Construction sites

• Hotels

• Department stores

• Casinos

• Hospitals and medical clinics

• Educational institutions

• Performing arts companies and theaters

• Entertainment businesses and artist’s agencies

• Restaurants

• TV companies

• National leader’s offices

• Political campaign candidates’ offices

• Government offices

• Airports

• PR firms and advertising agencies

• Retail stores

• Small businesses 

• Professional offices, such as law firms, accounting firms, architects firm, artists’ studios, designers’ studios, etc.

• Non-profit organizations

• Numerous individual homes

In addition to teaching the Two-Year Feng Shui Certification Program and Feng Shui workshops, Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche would also like to share her profound Feng Shui knowledge and expertise to help individuals and organizations by giving Feng Shui consultations.  The Feng Shui consultations aim to rectify all the Feng Shui problems, uplift and optimize the occupants’ ch’i and ch’i of the place. Through Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements, the consultations help the occupants achieve success, prosperity, health, and overall well-being.


For consultation appointment and fee structure, please contact Khadro Crystal Chu’s office at (510) 841-2347, or email

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