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Meditation and Spiritual Growth Retreat

About the Retreat

The Yun Lin Temple offers meditation and spiritual growth retreats based on His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun’s spiritual teachings. These retreats provide excellent opportunities for those who are interested in personal transformation and becoming a better individual through spiritual cultivation. They also help those who are in the pursuit of higher levels of spiritual attainment. In the retreats, students are able to learn extraordinary teachings on Buddhist philosophies, mantra chanting, visualizations, meditations, contemplation techniques that explore one’s inner self and true condition, how to generate one’s inner wisdom, connect to one’s divine source, enhance one’s intuitive ability, and advance one’s spiritual growth.  Silence will be observed in all the retreats except the Mini Retreat. All of our extraordinary retreats will be guided and taught by Her Holiness Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche.

The Benefits of the Retreat Programs

The purpose of the retreat is to enable anyone who would like to have some quiet time to break away from their busy and hectic daily life and restore balance and peace of mind.  In addition, the retreat is meant to allow one to catch up with meditation and enhance one’s spiritual development. The benefits and goals of the retreats are to:

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